Taking our cue from the Black radical intellectual Cedric Robinson and his underappreciated status as a theorist of cinema and media, this conference addresses the multiple ways in which the analytic of racial capitalism must be brought to bear on media theory, media history, and media practice. Over the course of three days, we bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars whose work helps elucidate the intimate entanglements between both historical and contemporary media and formations of racial capitalism.

First, Mediations of Racial Capitalism reflects on a range of intellectual traditions, activist genealogies, and aesthetic practices—ones that have often been marginalized within the field of media studies—concerned with the constitutively racial character of capitalism in its complex intersections with structures of settler colonialism, anti-Blackness, heteropatriarchy, and empire. Second, conference participants consider how an analysis of racial capitalism opens up further avenues for making sense of the media landscape in the present conjuncture and for responding to exigencies and struggles of our times. 


Day 1 - Feb 9/24:
Day 2 - Feb 16/24:


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